Digital Design and Production
Laser Cutting Service, CNC Router Service, Laminating, Signwriting, Banners, Embroidery and T-Shirt printing
CNC 3D Carving

CNC 3D Caeving Service

High powered Mac and PC computers paired with the latest graphics software reproduce your most complex ideas. Your letters, logos, design templates, molded doors and furniture panels are then routed with our CNC Router your designs are mechanically routed out of flat stock.

We cut precise shapes in materials to tolerances of +/- 0.15mm. We use carbide cutting bits to provide a razor sharp finish and component repeatability. Our router beds cut sheets as large as to 2440 x 1220 (8’ x 4’), and as small as 50mm x 50mm.

3D carving on doors, decrotive panels, terrain models, letters, signs and promotional products are a few of the products that our CNC Router can produce.



We route in 3D up to a depth of 200mm which offers creative opportunities to carve and sculpt intricate contours. Grater thickness can be achieved by laminating layers of MDF, HDU or Ply prior to cutting. Layers can also be laminated and layered after cutting to assemble pieces with deeper contours. Depending on the geometry of your project, we will select the best suited cutting bits to optimise surface finish.

Clydebank Based
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