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What is Perspex Face Mounting?

Perspex (Acrylic) Face Mounting, also known as Reverse Face Mounting is the process of mounting a photographic print between a sheet of Perspex and an Aluminium or Dibond backing sheet.

Prints are first bonded using optically clear silicone adhesive, creating an airtight bond with no air bubbles. Our face mounts are then cut using our precision cutter, our unique service means that we can produce face mounts in virtually any shape that you desire up to 2220 x 1200mm

Each completed piece is supplied with an aluminium sub-frame – making it easy to hang and providing additional rigidity and support against warping.



Why Should I Choose Perspex Face Mounting?

Perspex Face Mounting is a contemporary mounting solution that enhances the colour of your work and provides a flawless high-gloss finish. Perspex Face Mounting is a popular choice for those looking to present a finished piece without a frame. Because the print is sandwiched between the perspex and the back using a permanently elastic 100% clear silicone glue, perspex face mounting provides the additional benefit of no light reflections between the photographs and the glazing of an ordinary frame.

The aluminium subframe on the back of each perspex face mount provides a visible space between the mounted work and the wall – lending another presence to your photographs or artwork.

Perspex face mounting; exceptional quality, precise and contemporary finishing.

Poster Lamination - The Ultimate Finish!

Laminating protects and enhances any poster as the colours look more vibrant and the plastic film coating extends the life of any image. In addition the posters can be rolled numerous times without any crinkles or tears.

In short, laminating enhances the look and ensures the longevity of your posters.

You can have a high gloss finish or a satin matt finish (which will minimise reflections).

  • Enhances colours
  • Protects Image
  • Wipe clean surface
  • Durable