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CNC Engraving

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Laser engraving is a great way to add fine detail, text and images to a range of different materials; from acrylic and card to metal and stone.  

Acrylic: Perfect for modern and hi-quality engraved signs, trophies, architectural models and more. A wide range of acrylics types avalible the applications are endless, metal look, glass look, fluorescent, translusent and clear to mention but a few...

Card and Paper: A great medium for laser engraving text, logos and even photos.  We engrave business cards, bespoke wedding invites, gift tags and much more.  The possibilities are endless,

Wood: Intricate detail wood engraving for architectural models, decorative products, branding and more. Achieve detail and precision not possible with traditional wood engravers techniques. Coaster, plaques, name plates, cutome clothes hangers even wooden business cards.

Anodised Aluminium: Tattoo your electronic devices, iPads and iPods. Smart and professional corporate logos and tattoos for gifts. Coated metals do not need marking compounds making them perfect for engraving.

Stone and Slate: Different stone produces different effects and at different depths, the smoother the stone the best results that can be achieved. Slate, marble, limestone all produce stunning results.

Fabric and Leather: With the world’s best CO2 laser engraving technology we are able to add precious engraving to many fabrics.  The most popular material is leather and laser engraving offers a great way to personalise products for gifts or corporate branding.

Glass: For flat custom pieces, artwork, signage. A CO2 laser produces a frosted effect on your glass, great for back engraving.  We offer small scale glass engraving for the jobs that can be too expensive with traditional glass engravers techniques

Rubber Stamps: Unique, designed to your specification with detailed engraved text and logo.

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